Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Florida Grower℠ Precision Tour is a new event, separate from the traditional Florida Ag Expo field tours. It is specifically designed to address your most pressing concerns. Growers are strongly encouraged to attend.

Embark on a voyage of discovery to selected farms and locations and see how growers in Central Florida are deploying new precision agriculture technology on their farms. Determine how the latest precision tools and techniques fit into your own operation.

This unique event follows the day after the 2018 Florida Ag Expo and departs from the Hilton Garden Inn in Riverview, FL.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how intensive soil and tissue sampling, along with field mapping, can create more productive, uniform, and higher quality crops.
  • Understand how growers manage data more efficiently today to run their farms, monitor food safety, and sell product to customers.
  • See how new software tools allow growers to collect and make use of large amounts of data for today’s modern farm.
  • Most importantly, the Florida Grower℠ Precision Tour is an opportunity to make new discoveries in the field alongside your peers. So, join Florida Grower magazine for this one-of-a-kind tour. More details coming soon.
*Limited Registration Available

Stops on the Tour

Jones Potato Farm
Alan Jones and his wife Leslie have incorporated precision technology and soil mapping to improve efficiency of fertilizer applications to help balance out variability in fields.
Harvest CROO Robotics
As labor concerns grow, many farmers see automation and robotics as the wave of the future. Gary Wishnatzki, a strawberry grower from Plant City, I working toward a solution with his team of engineers at Harvest CROO to develop an autonomous strawberry harvesting robot. It is amazing technology that will reshape how growers look at specialty crop harvesting.
JayMar Produce
Jay and Donna Sizemore, together with partner Dean Broughton, have been growing some of the best varieties of strawberries; Treasure, Strawberry Festival and Florida Radiance since 1997. The farm is utilizing soil moisture sampling and irrigation controls to apply precise amounts of water to save money on the farm and preserver the precious liquid natural resource.