2018 Field Tours

Plant Health Tour:

Vegetable Pathology: (Gary Vallad)

  • Management of tomato bacterial leaf spot and target spot.
  • Management of downy mildew and powdery mildew on cucurbit crops.
  • Evaluations of tomato breeding lines for resistance to target spot.

Weed Science: (Nathan Boyd)

  • Weed control in vegetables
  • Precision herbicide application

Nematology: (Johan Desaeger)

  • Nematode Management in vegetables with fumigants and/or nematicides
  • Performance of nematode-resistant tomato cultivars

Plant Breeding & Alternative Crop Tour:

Breeding: (Sam Hutton)

  • Tour will showcase some of the latest UF/IFAS and commercial hybrids, alongside several proven varieties that are industry standards.
  • The tour will also include virus-inoculated demonstrations plots of hybrids with TYLCV resistance, and transgenic lines with resistance to bacterial leaf spot.

Horticulture: (Shinsuke Agehara)

  • Artichoke – production trials to demonstrate the potential of artichoke winter production in Florida.
  • Hop yard tour – variety and production trials with LED lights (with Zhanao Deng)

Horticulture: (Zhanao Deng)

  • Alternative crops for Florida: Pomegranate & Blackberry