Field Tours

Hands down, the field tours are among the most popular features of the Florida Ag ExpoSM. Led by a team of UF/IFAS researchers, you will see for yourself the latest developments from the plots adjacent to the GCREC, which are home to multiple studies covering the gamut of new varieties, crop protection methods, water conservation, and more.

2016 Field Tour Highlights


Breeding: Sam Hutton, GCREC, UF/IFAS

  • The tomato hybrid trial tour will showcase some of the latest UF/IFAS and commercial hybrids, alongside several proven varieties that are industry standards. The tour will also include virus-inoculated demonstrations plots of hybrids with TYLCV resistance.

Alternative Crops: Shinsuke Agehara, GCREC, UF/IFAS

  • Blackberry cultivar evaluation: ‘Nachez’, ‘Navaho’, and ‘Ouachita’
  • Blackberry cane pruning and training for successful fruit production
  • Use of the plant hormone gibberellic acid to artificially induce flowering and improve fruit set

Diagnosing Postharvest Disorders and Diseases of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Steve Sargent, Jeff Brecht, Mark Ritenour, and Jerry Bartz, UF/IFAS

Fruit and vegetable quality can deteriorate quickly after harvest if not handled properly. Examples of several postharvest disorders and diseases will be discussed and demonstrated, including latent mechanical injury, chilling injury, accelerated senescence due to ethylene exposure.

Plant Health

Vegetable Pathology: Gary Vallad,  GCREC, UF/IFAS

  • Evaluation copper alternatives for managing bacterial spot of tomato.
  • Demonstration of a supplemental fumigation strategy for managing Fusarium wilt of tomato.
  • Evaluation of fungicides for the management of vegetable diseases.

Weed Science: Nathan Boyd, GCREC, UF/IFAS

  • Weed management programs for cabbage
  • Weed control in vegetables with fumigants
  • Fumigant/herbicide programs for vegetable production

Entomology: Justin Renkema, GCREC, UF/IFAS

  • Two spotted spider mites: identification, damage, management
  • Broad mites & cyclamen mites
  • Chilli thrips: a new strawberry pest
  • Pamera seed bugs & Armyworms